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What to look for in a Bridal Bra for your Wedding Lingerie?

There is simply a huge amount of choice when it comes to bridal bras for the wedding day, strapless wedding bras, push up bras, balconette bras, padded bras, lace bras, the list can go on. Before you go rushing in to choosing a bridal bra for your wedding lingerie, there a few points that you might want to pay some attention before finally deciding to make that purchase. If you look at some of the design features of the bra and how they fit whilst you're wearing the bra, it will help to make sure that the bridal bra you decide upon will be supportive and comfortable, making you look and feel truely gorgeous on your wedding day.

How well does the Underwire Fit?

Bridal Bra Underwire - close up Underwire Fit.

The fit of the underwire of any bridal bra is very important, especially when you bear in mind that you could well be wearing it for up to 10 - 14 hours a day. You need to ensure that this area is as comfortable as possible. So how do you go about doing that? Before deciding to buy, play around with the underwire, if it feels quite rigid and solid then this could well friction against your skin over the course of a day. However if the underwire is more flexible, there's a better chance of it moving with your body as it moves throughout the day and offer greater comfort and support.

Inner Underwire Inner Underwire.

Finally, when you try the bra on, the underwire must feel like it sits firm to your body and lie flat against your rib cage, there should be no unwanted gaps as these could lead to friction and ultimately discomfort. This is especially true for the inner ends of the underwire, they should sit snug against your chest, and the outer ends of the underwire should sit firmly at the side of the breast, so as to hug it and not dig into it as this could lead to damage of the breast tissue. The last thing any bride wants from her bridal lingerie on her wedding day is discomfort.

Choice of Material.

One of the factors high on many brides list when choosing their bridal lingerie is that it has to look pretty and fancy, and in part this is delivered by the material that it made from, silk, satin, cotton etc. Your wedding day is going to be a long and busy day and as the bra's material is going to be in contact with your skin it needs to feel comfortable. It's pretty well understood that the cup of the bra should hold all of your breast tissue by hugging your breast and not squash them, nor allow them to move around!

Power Netting or Centre Front Power Netting.

The piece of material which joins the two cups together at the front is known as the centre front or power netting. This part of the bra should be soft to the touch but also be taute in its structure, (not stretchy), as it helps with the whole support structure of the bra. You should also find power netting material at either side of the cups as well. So after you decide that the underwire is flexible and comfortable enough to be able to wear all day, the material is firm and comfortable enough to support you and that your breasts sit perfectly in the cups with a feeling of being hugged, it's time to turn your attention to the straps.

Bra Straps & Strap Adjustment

Bridal Bra - Back Strap Fit Back Strap.

Looking firstly at the back strap, the wider the back strap is, the greater the support the bra can actually offer you. This area is often restrictive due to the design wedding dress that you have decided upon, many gowns are open/ low back or off the shoulder in design, so where the strap sits relative the dress is important. After all your wedding lingerie should be out of sight for your wedding day, it's not for your guests eyes! The main point is that it should sit in a straight line across your back, it shouldn't ride up as you move around, nor should it sit too low, indicating that the bra size is incorrect. A well fitted and correctly sized bra will ensure that your ligaments are straight and that the breasts sit perk and in the centre, as well being level!

Plastic Boning in the Wing Plastic Boning in the Wing.

When buying a bra for support you should also notice that the wing of the bra, from the outside of the underwire there should be sufficient power netting to offer support. Also at the end of this power netting there should be a small piece of boning, usually plastic, which helps keep the bra in place and also reinforce the structure of the bra whilst maintaining both comfort and support.

Shoulder Strap Support Shoulder Strap Support.

A good design feature in some bras is the strap support section of the shoulder strap, its main job is to preserve the elasticity of the straps. This strap support should be firm as oppose to elastic, allowing it to take some of the weight of the breast as well as the elastic section of the shoulder strap. Without this strap support, then over the lifetime of the bra, you will notice a reduction in bouyancy of the straps and it will no longer be giving you sufficient support.

Shoulder Strap Adjustment

Shoulder Strap Adjustment Shoulder Strap Adjustment.

The final point when looking at the fit of your bra when you try it on is to make sure that the shoulder straps have been correctly adjusted and set for you. All too often this is not set right which can lead to poor support and eventually discomfort. The buckles at the rear of the shoulder strap should be positioned so that they sit in the middle of the strap when viewed from the back, and allow for slight adjustments if your weight changes.

Care for Your Lingerie.

If you look after your lingerie and particularly your bras, they should last a good 6-12 months if you rotate wearing it with other bras, we all have our favourites and comfy bras which get one more than others. It is best when washing your bras to hand wash them, following the instructions on the care label, as all bras are different. If you choose to wash your bras in your washing machine along with the rest of your laundry and then dry them in the tumble dryer, this will slowly damage the material and structure of the bra, leading to a gradual reduction in comfort over time.

Written by Tanya Hall for Moonrise Lingerie Ltd

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